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In autumn 2017 started its adventure in several European cities. In this time, our green bikes have proudly provided hundreds of thousands of flawless rides. Most importantly, we couldn’t be prouder of our growing community who encouraged us every day to become better and improve feature after feature, ride after ride.

This success did nothing but confirm our vision: we all wish to witness a change in the way we commute, and to support the innovation that will transform the mobility in our cities.

After a warm welcome to our service in your city, we were extraordinarily happy to see that we all shared a passion. Our bikes were everywhere, in every corner of the city. Impossible to miss with their flashy green, they had taken a place in people’s heart.

We always knew that there is no such thing as beginner’s luck, and, in our ride, we have worked hard, faced numerous challenges and learned many lessons. We have listened to our users, tested, failed and corrected, improved, and invested as much resources as we could to prove that bike sharing is a sustainable and ecological mobility solution.  

Sadly, among all those challenges, there is one that has meant a heavy blow. A behavior that happened as sudden as violent, and that has taught us the hard way that someone might not be prepared for this change.

We were ready for some initial vandalism. We were willing to take the risks and invest our money, time and manpower to ride out the storm, to offer you a new way of mobility.

But unfortunately, during the past weeks, the vandalism and attacks towards our fleet have reached limits we can no longer overcome. Nearly 60% of our European fleet got either damaged, stolen or privatized.

This is why it is with a heavy heart that we are officially announcing to our community the termination of service in Italy on FEBRUARY 15, 2018.

It was sad and disappointing to realize that a few could ruin such beautiful and promising project. We had to conclude that there is no other choice for us than shutting down. A difficult decision from a moral, human and financial point of view.

We have now closed your account and reimbursed you *|TOPUP_REFUNDED|*€ of top-up credit that you had left in your account, plus your *|DEPOSIT_REFUNDED|*€ deposit. The amount will be transferred upon 10 working days on the bank account you used when you registered on the Gobee app.

We thank our community of users for all the kind messages and for the hundreds of thousands of rides on our green bikes. We thank you for your trust, your support, your patience and for challenging us to improve.

We thank our partners for seeing in this project the opportunity to raise awareness on the importance of a new mobility.

We thank the team from every city and every country where we operated. We were all bound to the same conviction that together we could disrupt mobility, where freedom of use and community can be equally fueled through innovation. In particular, we thank our team of agents on the ground as well as our repair partners, for their positivity and creativity in an effort to reach operational efficiency.

We thank a lot the City Halls, who have trusted and helped us to conduct this project locally and opened the door to this innovative service. was born from our passion for mobility. We have founded on the conviction that we could bring a newfound freedom internationally. We encourage you to keep spreading the values inherent to bike-sharing and itself: freedom, community and innovation.

Values that brought us this far and that gave life to this amazing project. is not only about transportation or innovation. It’s a community that you have created and that will last. And somewhere in our hearts, even if saying it is not easy, this is not a goodbye but a see you soon.


The Team


In brief, what happened?

We started European operations on October 5, 2017 and launched 8 other cities in Europe. In 4 months, 60% of our fleet was destroyed, stolen or privatized, making the whole European project no longer sustainable.


But… Did your solution work?

We do think so. We had more than 150,000 users all over Europe in few months, strong media coverage and kind messages from our users on social media. In Italy, people spent on average 12 minutes on our bikes and have ridden 90,171 km since inception for a total of 0 carbon dioxide emission. The planet is proud and thanking you all! Good job guys!


Did you succeed in catching people responsible for the acts of vandalism?

The Police caught some of them, either during the act or thanks to our geolocalization. Some investigations are still ongoing. We expect them to pay economically and socially for their actions.


What will you do with users’ credits and deposits?

We will refund everyone. Simple as that.


What is your fleet becoming? Is it going to stay in the street?

We have collected our fleet from the streets by our own means. Should other bikes pop up for any reason, we have put in place partnerships and agreements with third parties: city halls, associations, scrap dealers to collect them.

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